Memory Foam Pillow is also known as viscoelastic foam. It is genuinely known for its high viscosity and increased density. To bring these characteristics into a Memory Foam Pillow, a chemical – polyurethane is used. The chemical helps it create a matrix-like structure within the foam which maintains a flow of air from within the pillow. This quality doesn’t let it prone to any germ, dust or dirt and makes it hypoallergic.

Memory Foam, first, brought into existence by NASA who was actually looking for and experimenting to making something that can increase over-all cushion safety.

The key feature that works for memory foam pillow is that it when it comes into use, the heat applied from the body automatically takes the shape of the head and provides comfort with the shape it gets moulded on to. While at low density, it reacts to the heat and takes the shape very quickly.

Originally, its name was Temper Foam Pillow as it responds to the temperature. Eventually, it became a Memory Foam Pillow and many leading brands started manufacturing of Memory foam Pillow in Sofa, Pillows, Mattress, Lumbar Support, Contour Pillow, Tailbone Pillow and many more.

Generally, memory foam pillow with these characteristics, features, and material are given is given two shapes: Normal Shape and Contour Shape.

Contour Shape remains even closer to head and neck due to its shape. Its properties provide unparalleled comfort and pressure relief.

Due to its density, the height is fixed, this makes it non-adaptable to different heights. It also traps and remains warm.

There are two variants available in Memory Foam Pillow: Contour Memory Foam and Shredded Memory Foam. The pros and cons are as followed:

Pros: Pain Relief and Good Support are two features the pillow is known for. There won’t be any lumps and it remains very soft and smooth. The foam is durable and lasts for a long time. Those who are using our Memory Foam Pillow say that they love sleeping on this pillow. Now, they soulful sleep every night.
Cons: Pillow with Fixed Height won’t work for you if you have a tendency of moving or turning around during sleep.

Not only this, you may, initially, find it bit smelly as it is a bit less ventilated. It also remains relatively hot and humid.

Summary of a Memory Foam Pillow: If you get the opportunity to use this pillow. The cost is pretty good. So, you don’t even need to compromise with it. is the manufacturer of one of the best pillows in India. You can order online through us and know the features of memory foam pillow through our website.