Majority of people face moderate to severe difficulty in sleeping, waking up early and or undergo a regular non-restorative sleep pattern. Problem in sleeping leads to chronic musculoskeletal pain if it is not checked. One of the key contributors to prolonged sleep issues is that muscle relaxation and healing that normally occur during sleep is missing in the affected patients.

What Caused Permanent Sleep Disorder?

Inside the cervical column, there are nerves that run up and down from the brain to all parts of the body. Whenever a person follows a wrong sleeping position, it leads to a neck curve either upwards, down or sideways. This caused the sensitive nerves in the spinal column to get compressed or pinched. The muscles in the surrounding areas collectively swell up in an attempt to support the injured area. This gets prolonged and further exacerbates to shoulder griddle, arms, and hands. If left unchecked, it can cause sciatica, migraines, long headaches and numbness or pain in the legs as well.

Supporting the bones of the neck area is therefore important while sleeping in the night.

Best way to keep our spine aligned with the head and kept straight while sleeping. Also, it’s very important to keep the neck supported by a good pillow.

Memory Foam Pillows Are Highly Benifitial In Neck And Back Pain

High quality memory foam pillows work on special heat reactive foam that reacts to body heat and the pressure of the head to takes the contour of the head. This creates a slightly indented space for the head to rest comfortably and provides the right support the head, neck, shoulder while you sleep.

To add to the benefits, the latest invention is the use of cooling gel either layered or infused in the foam for better coolness keeps the pillow fresh even in the hottest weather.

Memory foam pillows are especially recommended by chiropractors and orthopedic experts for neck pain and worn out TMJ problems.

Other benefits of memory foam are that it maintains a right amount of hardness along with a soft gentle feel to it.  Once you get adapted to this cool memory foam pillow, it will become the pillow of your choice you simply can’t live without. These pillows are suitable for all types of sleeper like side, back, stomach, and the combination sleepers.

About Sleepsia

Sleepsia pillow is made from the best high-quality memory foam which provides the best support to the neck and back for a rejuvenating sleep.  Besides using the best quality therapeutic foam, Sleepsia memory foam pillows does not just carry a layer of gel; the gel is actually infused with the foam to maintain a cool temperature along with maintaining a cushy fresh feel and exceptional climate control support through the night.

Advantages Of Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillows

  • Safe, simple and an amazing pain relief solution
  • Ergonomic design and recessed center allows the heads to fall in line with the spine for a healthy curvature
  • Zippered and washable naturally hygienic and hypoallergenic bamboo cover
  • Two sided 2 different lofts levels for adaptable to different heights
  • Long lasting and durable quality memory foam

Give Sleepsia Pillow A Try And You Won’t Regret For Having Such A Phenomenal Product!