People spend half of their time traveling to the office and then sitting for long stretches at work which causes several issues related to the back. And if you are already facing a back issue or experiencing a chronic back pain hips or tailbone then you very must have realized the importance of the right support and comfortable seating by now.

Those suffering from conditions such as hemorrhoids, fistulas, arthritis, fibromyalgia or soreness of the back need a good quality U shaped coccyx orthopedic seat cushion to help get rid of all of the above conditions. The best quality orthopedic seat cushion can also help you in sitting disabilities making your spine fall in alignment, maintain a better posture life long if you continue using this pillow.

Helpful in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Those who sit for a long time at a continuous stretch can get easily affected by spinal stenosis which is a nerve compression disorder. It causes unbearable pain and it exacerbates when pressure is put on the lumbar and lower spine area by sitting continuously.

Benefits Of Memory Foam Used In These Pillows

The pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam used in this pillow are well known. The Visco-elastic material responds to the body heat and yields to the downward pressure. It contours to your body to support it keeps it comfortably and get placed in an ideal position.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design aligns to the natural curves of the body and takes a slightly dented shape to mitigate the body pressure. It prevents the displacement of the body to keep it better aligned. The design provides great relief in numbness in the legs, helps in maintaining the blood flow to the legs while sitting.


The type of materials memory foam is made to discourages dust, mites, and molds easily due to its dense structure. Combining this with a hypo-allergenic cover can really help in keeping these pillows stay fresh.

The care for these coccyx seat cushion is easy, occasional vacuuming can suffice in its upkeep and the pillow can last for an about 7-10 years. The zippered machine-washable cover is made from a soft hypo-allergenic fabric which can also be removed and easily washed.

Enjoy The Long Term Benefits Of Sleepsia Coccyx Pillows

Long lasting and easy to maintain Sleepsia U Shaped Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Seat Cushions are made from high-density, world-class memory foam to give you that enhanced comfort and durability you need.

These pillows are scientifically designed to relieve you from the pressure on sensitive areas while sitting, protect you from injury to the lumbar muscles, helps retain the right spine alignment and promotes a healthy posture lifelong.

Doctor recommended ergonomic design

Our pillows are ergonomically designed to contour to the body’s shape, provide the right support to the spine, prostate and hip area. Using this pillow for a long period helps in curbing hemorrhoid pain, hip bursitis, prostate inflammation and many other ailments like Sciatica pain, arthritis, and spondylosis.

U-Shaped Design

Sleepsia coccyx pillow has a scientifically designed U shape cut out on the back end. This type of cut out suspends the tailbone and helps to take the pressure out from the lower spine.

Travel easy and wheelchair friendly

You can carry this pillow to the office, during long journeys, and can be used on a car seat while driving. They are helpful for wheelchair patients, pregnant mothers, yoga and meditation practitioners.

You will love our U Shaped Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Seat Cushion and won’t regret buying one. To order, call on our helpline 1800-833-6688 and enjoy its long term benefits.