Adding a lumbar support pillow to your chair helps to maintain the right posture and takes away all the stiffness and pain that comes with a long days work causing achy back and restless legs. The lumbar support pillows are made from premium anti-flattering odorless memory foam which has an ergonomically designed contour and the high resilience foam in these pillows molds and curves itself to take the shape of your back providing the right support at the right place where you need it the most.

Lumbar support pillows conform to the natural curvature of your back so that your back stays straighter and the blood circulation to the Back and to the leg is maintained during long hours of seating.

The two adjustable straps at the back help keep the pillow in place and prevent it from sliding so the pillow can perfectly fit in your chair and the use of breathable mesh used in these pillows have a cool feel to it so you stay fresh for long hours even in hot or sweaty days and focus on your task.

GENTLE SUPPORT: The premium quality of foam used in this pillow provides that soft level of firmness your lower spine needs. Made with 100% pure memory foam, these pillows take the shape of the back slightly convexed outwards to extend the right support to your back and helps to align the spine in an upright position.

MADE FROM QUALITY MATERIAL: Anti-sweat cover made from high-quality washable fabric provides a comfy cool feel naturally so your back remains cool after long hours of usage.

PROMOTES CONFIDENT AND HELPS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY POSTURE: The slightly bulged shape of the pillow helps to maintain the lower back’s natural arc so you can sit up confidently, stay refreshed and maintain healthy posture life long.

INSTANT BACK PAIN RELIEF & COMFORT: After long hours of seating for an extensive period, the effects of a bad chair and poor cushioning can really take its toll on you. These pillows are especially recommended for patients who are facing health issues like rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease. It is helpful in gradually strengthening your back muscle and helps in relieving pinched nerves and improve the blood circulation from the tailbone to the legs.


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Our Lumbar Support Cushion pillow is sure to give you all the benefits discussed above plus we have taken good care to maintain the quality standards so your lumbar support cushion pillow stays like new always.


And what’s more, our pillow is made from the best memory foam. It is scientifically designed to give the optimum comfort you need. You are going to love the support and the improvement in your posture, however, in case you find the pillow with some fault, we have backed our pillows with 1 month replacement guarantee. There is no fine print to it and it’s a no question asked guarantee.