Ergonomic Back Support Memory Foam Backrest Lumbar Cushion with Washable Cover – Black

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It is an ergonomic pillow with a special convex shape. Its design makes your back rests on it with an absolute fit. No lower back pain. It gives therapeutic relief from back pain.


Shape: It is an ergonomic pillow with a special convex shape. No lower back pain. It gives therapeutic relief from back pain.

Benefits: Provides rest from any type of ailment whether it is injury, ache or it is age. Now, sitting for too long won’t create any problem for you.

Quality product: Good Quality memory foam pillow is used in the manufacturing of the Lumbar Support Pillow.

All-purpose design: Whether you are at your home, office or you are in your car. The Side wings add additional firm support and comfort.

Adjustment with the Back: Just put it and strap it at the back of your seat and you are all set to enjoy the ultimate relief.

Warranty: 1 Year

Quantity: Pack of 1


In recent days, a human spends more than half of the days in the sitting positing such as while watching TV, office, eating, driving, etc. This continuous sitting in a particular place for a long hour have serious consequences in your body leading to back pain or deteriorating in spine alignment. For those using a wheelchair, suffering through back injury, pregnant women, etc need ample support on the back to ensure comfort and painless sitting experience. Due to such a problem, after years of research, scientist ends up designing the premium ergonomic design backrest memory foam lumbar cushion.

Why Lumbar support Memory Foam Pillow?

A lumbar support cushion is particularly designed to perfectly support the back/spine of the human body. This cushion comes with a strip which offers great support and ample freedom to move freely. It also improves the posture and relief the back pain, especially for herniated disc or sciatica sufferer.

To ensure durability, reliability and optimal comfort, select the cushion with high-density memory foam that adapts the natural posture of creating a personalized fit for ultimate comfort while on the long hour of sitting. This cushion is ideal for any type of sitting position such as office, salon, car, home, study chair, etc.

Benefit of Lumbar Ergonomic Back support Memory Foam Cushion

  • Prevents Slouching: Lumbar backrest cushions allow good posture by physically helping to prevent slouching. This cushion enforcers limit the twisted bending of the spine. Slouching can lead the lower spin part to bend outward that worsens the back injury.
  • Better Posture: Great posture in the chair with lumbar memory foam cushion can help ease spinal health and improve daily walking and standing posture. Sitting upright with shoulders square and head up gives you confidence and comfort at the same time.
  • Universal: Lumbar cushions have an adjustable strap that is fit for all sitting position and allows you to fix with the chair and stop it from slipping. Memory foam back cushions conform to the body’s shape and sitting position, and create a neutral position.
  • Chiropractor Recommended: A orthopedic health specialist mostly recommends Lumbar backrest cushion for those suffering through a back issue like scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, rheumatoid arthritis, fracture, back injury, etc.
  • Portable: Lumbar cushions are lightweight and handy to carry anywhere you like. Whether in office, while traveling, studying, or any other, lumbar backrest pillow is the best cushion to improve your spine health.

If you are searching for the best back support cushion with memory foam that is also hypoallergenic, then simply visit our official website, choose the pillow ideal for you and place order according to your needs or call directly at 1800-833-6688 to clear doubts. Memory Foam Pillow delivers the most reliable and 100% quality oriented cushion to cure your back or spine pain problem.


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