Cervical Memory Foam Pillow With Infused Gel

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Provides ultimate support to head, neck, and shoulder with ventilated gel infused memory foam


• Provides ultimate support to head, neck, and shoulder with ventilated gel infused memory foam
• The memory foam pillow with cooling gel technology helps to get rid of neck and spine pain.
• It is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens like mold, dust mites, and bacteria
• Gel infused memory foam diffuses body heat and generates a cooler sleeping surface.
• Lavish quilted textile knit cover is easily removable and machine washable
• 1 Year Warranty period
• Quantity: Pack of 1


Cervical pain can cause major sleep disturbance and lead to many other health problems. With chronic neck pain, it is difficult to find a restful & comfortable position for sleeping and as a result, end up getting insufficient sleep and increase in cervical pain. Similarly, lack of support and poor sleep can worsen the problem, making neck pain, headache and shoulder pain worse and longer-lasting.

Selecting the right pillow is a significant step in supporting the cervical area that is determined by sleeping factors like sleep posture, sleep type, and sleeping component. A pillow that provides proper support and the ergonomic design ensures that the neck doesn’t twist too far in any wrong direction. This pillow allows ultimate support with utmost spinal alignment and that can assist you alleviating cervical stiffness or arches.

Wake up fresh and stress-free each morning

If you wake up in the morning with cervical pain, neck pain, back pain, headache or stressed, it’s possible that your existing sleeping pillow doesn’t support your sleeping position. Cervical Memory Foam Pillow with infused gel is a combination of cooling technology and pressure-relief point that promotes sound sleep each night. This adjusts/ curdles to the neck structure to offer utmost support without troubling the spine alignment.

This prevents the neck bending or twisting too far in the wrong direction for a long duration, which leads to sleepless nights or waking up numerous time while sleeping. The cervical pillow adapts and keeps your sleeping position neutral despite side, back or stomach sleeper. This pillow is perfect for arthritis sufferers, with sports injuries or whiplash-associated problem.

Ideal Pillow For Quality Night Sleep

  • Supports Your Neck Structure: This pillow always stays firm, comfortable, and curdles the neck structure perfectly unlike other regular pillows that go flat after some days of use.
  • Reduces Cervical and Back Pain: The cervical memory foam pillow reduces the pressure and adapts the shape to develop a personalized fit and reduce cervical, back pain, and other related sleep issues.
  • Cooling effect all Night: This unique infused cooling gel pillows enhances the air-circulation, keep your neck & head cool all night to ensure ultimate comfort and pain-relief sleep.
  • A Great Night’s Sleep: Sleepsia cervical memory foam pillow is designed with high-density memory foam and pressure relief point with 1-year warranty and 30 days return policy.
  • Fit for back Sleeping Positions: Cervical pillow is ideally high loft that is particularly designed for a back sleeper.

If you are struggling from severe cervical pain and confused about which memory foam pillow to purchase, then simply visit the official website, choose the best pillow ideal for you and place order according to your sleep needs or call at +1800-833-6688 to clear doubts. Memory Foam pillow delivers the best cervical pillow to relief your cervical pain and other sleep issues.


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